The Sunnmøre Alps

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    Opplev Sunnmørsalpane; Nå også på engelsk!

    This book gives you all the information you need to enjoy skiing,
    hiking, climbing, mountain biking, kayaking, surfing, kiteboarding,
    windsurfing, paragliding, diving and more in Sunnmøre, Norway.
    What is so unique about this part of Western Norway is the huge
    variety of outdoor experiences you can find within such short
    distances. We show you «the best of the best».
    The contrasts are quite fantastic; from surfing at Stad to kayaking at
    Runde, climbing in Molladalen, skiing down Slogen, cycling in
    Valldalen, longboarding in Geiranger, diving in Lygnstøylvatnet and
    para-gliding above the Sunnmøre Alps.
    Each activity is presented in a chapter of its own with five to fifteen
    trips per activity. We present different levels of difficulty within each
    activity, from the very easy to the more demanding. You will also find
    a separate chapter on travel and accommodation in Sunnmøre.
    Dream yourself away as you leaf through the book on a rainy day,
    and then when the sun shines, make your dreams come true!

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